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Basement Finishing: Why Now is the Best Time for a Basement Remodel

Basement Finishing Ideas to Inspire, Motivate, Save Money, and Even Make You Some Extra Cash

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Secrets to a Successful Basement Finishing Project

Unfinished basements become the dumping ground for all things unwanted. A sometimes frightening graveyard of old lamps and furniture nobody dared throw away. If the garage is too full, where do you put your stuff? Yep, down in the basement. Why should you care? After all, a basement is just a scary hole in the ground you avoid, especially at night. Right?

Maybe it's time to change things up. But wait!

We've all heard stories of the home remodeling project that went horribly wrong. There was even a 1986 movie starring Tom Hanks titled "The Money Pit" about a young couple who were remodeling their home (and basement). It was labeled a comedy. But for many homeowners it was considered a horror movie.

So why are homeowners now opting to remodel and finish their basements? Two reasons:

Inflation and Interest Rates

Inflation and interest rates have gone up... a lot. If you were fortunate enough to lock in a low interest rate when you purchased your home, selling so you can get the additional space you need can drive up your monthly mortgage costs. Finishing your basement gives you the added square footage you need at a fraction of the overall cost compared purchasing a new house and moving.

It's Like Moving Without the Move 

Adding living space from a basement remodel will transform your home. Unused, cold, damp space quickly becomes a warm and welcoming area for family and friends. It's like moving to a new house, but without the move. And depending on the design, it can give homeowners plenty of options as families grow and their needs change.

The best thing about a finished basement remodel is the seemingly endless choices available! From the practical to the whimsical. From the eccentric to the eclectic. Basements can be the playground of children and adults. Here's where your individuality and self-expression can be set free!  Are you ready?

This Month's Featured Basement Project

Cannot Say Enough Positive Things.


We started a basement remodeling project in May 2021 where our previous contractor left with our money and left us with a nightmare. Tim/House on a Hill was referred to us and we were so thankful to start business with someone professional, trustworthy, experienced and very detail oriented in the work that was being done, but also how the total cost was tracked. What was a basement project that kept me up at night, turned into something to be excited about again. That’s what Tim and team did for us, and I couldn’t be more appreciative!

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10 Designer-Approved Basement Remodeling Trends in Saint Louis

We track basement design trends in the St. Louis area. Below are 10 of the top designer-approved trends for St. Louis basements. We're sure you'll discover an fresh, new idea that speaks to your personal style and budget. A professional designer can expose you to some of the newest and most popular trends in basement design

Convert Your Basement to a Studio Apartment, Airbnb or Granny Flat

Our most ambitious recommendation is to convert your basement to a studio apartment, Airbnb rental space, or a granny flat. Usually 600-700 square feet of available space is sufficient for this type of apartment. And because you don't want renters walking through your house, the structure must have private access and egress windows. This size of this unit will give you a studio-style kitchenette, a small bistro table/seating area or bar/stool, a 3/4 bathroom with sink, shower, and toilet, and a living room which converts into a sleeping area.

Extra Bedroom for Your Family or Guests... (or when you're in the dog house)

When it starts to feel like you have more family than house, it may be time to consider your basement as an extra bedroom.

Children as they grow into adolescents and teenagers need more personal space. If you have a parent who will be joining your already crowded digs, an extra bedroom in the basement may be just enough independence and privacy to maintain peace in the family. An of course, the guest bedroom. If you have frequent guests staying with you throughout the year you may want to consider having a room designated for that sole purpose. It certainly limits the disruption in the rest of the house.

Be careful! Your guests won’t want to leave you after staying in this modern basement guest suite. It’s a valuable and unique addition to your home. Redefine it with your choice of flooring, color palette, and ceiling lights while a dresser and shelves provide ample storage space.

Zoom Away to the Seclusion of Your Home Office

With working from home the present norm, it makes sense to convert your basement into a home office. All you need are a table, chairs, and your computer and your work becomes effortless in the peace and calm of your basement office.

Having your home office in the basement has the advantage of removing your work from the daily activity of the main house. Productivity goes way up while you save money by driving to work everyday. Just stay away from the refrigerator.

Children's Play and TV Room Your Kid's Will Love... (and keep the rest of the house quiet)

A safe and excellent children's playroom in the basement makes an excellent children's play area. The first advantage is knowing where your child is playing. The second advantage is having a space which isolates the noise from the rest of the house.

Soft flooring is easy on the knees and keeps the noise down. Easy-to-reach storage areas help keep toys and games easily accessible - and easy to put away.

Home Theater and Media Room for the Perfect Movie Experience

Do you remember the movie theater scene in the movie Outbreak! with Dustin Hoffman? Yeah, well there's that.

The one reason we all go to the movies is not the $20 tickets or the $30 all-you-can-eat popcorn. It's the immersive experience of watching a movie on a big screen and an awesome sound system. But lately movie theaters don't have the same appeal as they did before the pandemic.

A basement home theater can give you the same movie experience with the big screen and the awesome sound without swapping bugs with strangers. And with streaming services like Netflix you can say goodbye to the high ticket prices. Did you say popcorn? Build a snack bar in your home theater. Popcorn is 58 cents a bag.

A Home Gym Beats a Membership Gym Hands Down...and Up...and Down

There's not excuse not to exercise with a gym in your basement! No monthly membership fee, no towel and locker fee. Even a 10 minute drive to the gym adds 20 minutes of wasted time to your day. And of course there's that inconsiderate bozo who's hogging the treadmill while you stand around waiting.

A home gym allows you to set a fitness routine that works for you...even if it's two in the morning. And in addition to the privacy a home gym affords, it also might be safer and more sanitary by not swapping sweat with the guy who just used the chest press before you.

Control Game Time with a Family Game Room

Of course you can add the usual tables to your new basement remodel like pool, foosball, cards, and table tennis. But the one big idea which has become popular with families is adding video games to the game room as a way to control game time.

If you're like most families, your definition of 'games' at home means your kids (and maybe your spouse) are squirreled away in their room playing video games. Here's your chance to encourage family time and control game time by having a designated game area where the entire family will want to hang out together.

A Designated Home Study Space Increases Scholastic Achievement

Electronic devices like video games and television have created an environmental condition which impedes concentration - especially with children. Several factors contribute to this lack of focus such as a noise and constant disruptions. Research has proven that having a designated room in your home for homework and study boost retention of information and increases scholastic achievement.

In its simplest form a basement study space can be a desk or table and chair in a well lighted space. More elaborate basement conversions take the form as a combined office, library, or quiet zone.

Acoustically Speaking, Basements Make Great Music Rooms

Hey! We're all for playing music. But why does it have to be so loud? Hello, can you hear me?

A basement music room is a perfect venue for sticking your 7 year old 'Buddy Rich' wannabe when he rocks out on his drums. Your neighbor may even help pay for it. But regardless of the musical instrument, a basement is the perfect sound studio with it's thick walls.

A basement music room assists in controlling the noise levels and helps keep everyone in the family (and the neighbors) from going crazy. Musical instruments can take up a lot of space in your home. Long cords connected to amps can be a tripping hazard which can also damage equipment. Having a designated place in your home to keep all your musical instruments protects the instruments from damage. Music rooms can also serve the duel purpose of being converted into a lounge and wet bar for those times friends come over to jam.

Wine Cellars Are No Longer Just for the Rich and Famous

Once the status symbol of the wealthy, wine cellars have become more common in middle-class homes. Wine enthusiasts view a wine cellar as both an investment and a hobby. If you've ever tossed a bottle of wine because it tastes like vinegar, you understand how a well constructed wine cellar is the ultimate wine storage solution.

Besides protecting wine from spoiling and vibrations, organizing your collection helps to create easy access. Some basement cellars can also be converted into tasting rooms where your guests can socialize and sample wines from your collection. It makes for a memorable experience.